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Amadeus Stitch

Amadeus StitchThe Amadeus stitch is one of the clever stitches popularized by the incredibly inventive designer Jean Hilton. If the name sounds strange to you, I have heard that she worked out this pattern while watching the movie Amadeus. Makes sense to me! I like the Amadeus stitch because it makes such a nice triangular corner. It can be varied in size easily. Work the stitch following the numbers, first on one side of center, then on the other. Count carefully! The stitch has an oval opening in the center that is perfect for a bugle bead or a slanted crossed stitch. The stitch can easily be rotated in direction; I've done a sample for you of a mirror image of the diagram.

While we use this stitch primarily in geometric applications, it's also good on painted canvases for those awkward triangular spaces.

Amadeus Stitch

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