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Milanese Stitch

Milanese StitchMilanese stitch is a very pretty stitch, which can be worked in a solid color or in various combinations of colors. It is generally worked in diagonal rows from upper left to lower right, though of course the slant can easily be reversed. It is particularly nice when worked with a shiny thread because it reflects the light so well. It has a nice textured pattern, and gives a brocaded look when used with lustrous threads. It is also a very flat stitch, so it makes a good background worked in a matte thread. It is not always easy to compensate Milanese, but it's so pretty when stitched that you won't mind working at it.

One variation is to work all the triangles pointing one direction in one color or thread, and all the triangles pointing the other direction in another. Another variation would be to work every other triangle in different colors (such as dark, light, dark, light). If you keep this change consistent, it creates an interesting effect.

On my stitch sample I worked several sections in various threads, including pearl cotton, wool, Patina, and pearl cotton again. I suggest that in your sample you try several of the variations suggested just for fun.

Milanese Stitch diagram

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